Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Books, Books, and More Books....

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Book 6 Coming June 1

Just in time for Summer, the Seducing Sarah series will be complete...

Book 6, The Cider King: Jonathan, will release on Thursday, June 1. It's on Pre-Order now for only 99 pennies - so get in line to find out what happens ... does Sarah conclude her 'experiment'? And how does it all turn out for her?

Books 1-5 FREE on Kindle Unlimited!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Seducing Sarah - What readers are saying....

Book 1 - The Shutterbug: Jimmy

I was captivated by Sarah's character right from the start.
I definitely see a lot of myself in her, so I needed
to know more.  - Veronica

Great start to this series. I really enjoyed reading book 1
and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.  - Lupita

Book 2 - The Body: Tony

I am in love with this book series, Sarah will make you laugh out loud
and she makes you realize what some women have
 to go through to find true love. - Kendra

I just love the way Ami writes her stories,
you will never be disappointed. - Sandy

Book 3 - The Educator: Scott

Sarah's third attempt at having a relationship seems so promising
when she meets Scott, I mean he's a teacher and a newly published author,
how can this not be the perfect man?
 - Kendra

Book 4 - The Player: Kris

Sarah wants what everyone woman wants, love.  How many frogs
 will she kiss until she finds her Prince? Kris (is) a rockstar.
I think that's enough said.
 - Veronica

Sunday, April 23, 2017

2 More Days - Win an iPad mini & find New Authors

In the middle of my new release schedule for the 6 book Seducing Sarah short novellas, and here is a special opportunity for you to win one of 2 iPad minis - what a great idea, right? And along the way, you might even discover some new artists that you like!!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

I’m very excited to announce that Seducing Sarah – Book 1 – is now available for purchase on Amazon!!

This is a 6 book serial that follows Sarah Pilsner, a successful, young, thirty-something CEO of her own advertising agency. She’s a self-made woman, happy with what she’s achieved, but realizing that being successful has come with a price.

Sarah gets a wake-up call when her secretary’s fiancĂ© sends a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the entire office goes ga-ga. Sarah can’t help but realize that as a workaholic, she has no social life, and no matter how well she’s done with her business, the rewards feel hollow -  there is no one in her life to celebrate her successes with, except her best friend Tammy. And Tammy has her own life with Chaz.

Determined to change her status by her birthday, a mere six months away, she decides to step outside her comfort zone and find someone to help share the celebration of her journey and her life.
In this first book, Sarah hires a freelance photographer to step in for a Valentine’s Day shoot while her staff photographer is off on his own wedding. Jimmy is not only a great photographer, but his flirtatious ways evoke exactly the mood she wants for the campaign. When he sets his sights on getting to know her better, she has to decide whether or not it’s time to mix a little pleasure with her business.

Join Sarah on her journey to discover a life beyond her current state of living with her nose to the grindstone.

Book 2 is already available for pre-order and will release next Thursday. Books 3-6 will also be on pre-order and will release every 2 weeks after that.

Here’s the Release Schedule and the links (so far):

Book 1 – The Shutterbug (Jimmy) - March 30, 2017
    Amazon US
    Amazon UK
Book 2 – The Body (Tony) – April 6, 2017
    Amazon US
    Amazon UK
Book 3 – The Educator (Scott) - April 20, 2017
Book 4 – The Player (Kris) - May 4, 2017
Book 5 – The Advocate (Al) - May 18, 2017
Book 6 – The Cider King (Jonathan) -June 1, 2017

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about this new series. Feel free to write me and to leave reviews.

P.S. The books in this series will only be available on KU for at least the first 3 months – if you are on a different platform, please do contact me and I may be able to help.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Get Lucky at this Valentines Event...

Join the Lucky 13 authors in a special Valentines event on Monday, February 13. I'll be there from 3:30-4pm. Come chat, meet other authors and have fun. Oh yes, win prizes also.