Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Loooong Time in between Posts!! Plus KU Update...

So sorry it's been so long since I posted!!  We've been traveling internationally (seems like forever) for medical and dental work, and in between, so much has been happening.

Hopefully you are following me on my Facebook Page, at least I'm able to get to the internet occasionally to keep that updated better.

Latest news: Healed by LOVE - Book 3 completes this part of Maria and Thompson's story and was released in March. I have just now been able to add it to Kindle Unlimited. I am hoping to bundle all 3 books soon - and offer the bundle as KU also. But, I won't be back in the US until next week, and then I have a follow-up with the surgeon with a possible minor additional surgery.

I am currently working on my newest series (by myself this time).  This series features Sarah Jean, a successful young businesswoman and her search for love.

Once the books are ready, I will notify readers first through my email list and then through Facebook. I am hoping these will be ready to go in early Summer. But no promises - I thought Healed by LOVE would be done by last summer's end and look how long that took!!

Enjoy your Spring, Summer is on its way.... Oh, yes, I'll be participating in the Summer's A Comin Bad Ass Event the last part of May - stay tuned for more info and a link...


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