Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Review Copies of High Stakes Seduction

My latest series, High Stakes Seduction is almost ready for release. Before it goes live, though, I'm looking for some readers who would like to have the chance to read and review the book before anyone else.

This steamy romance features Angela, who recently dropped out of college to take care of her disabled sister after an accident took their mother. But dad isn't coping well, and between his drinking and gambling, he's headed downhill fast, spiraling into debt. He disappears one night, desperate to avoid the mobsters who are intent on collecting the debt.

A phone call shifts her life irrevocably and she's suddenly faced with new challenges - including dealing with Antonio Mancini, the devastatingly attractive man who holds all the cards in a game she must master if she has any hope of securing the future for her and her sister.

To sign up for a review copy of this new novella before anyone else, just fill out the application at http://bit.ly/ARC-Ami

The only requirement is that you are able to read and review Book 1 by the time it goes live on September 26.

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